I make the same mistake every.single.year. I wait until it is blazing hot outside buy a swimsuit. The consequence: only things that are left are some horrid combination of ugly, expensive, matronly or porn star. OK so it’s not exactly the end of the world, but it’s not exactly my jam either. This year I am going to break out of old habits. I’m getting a suit this spring! Here are 12 of my favorite bathing suits–and guess what? they are all from Target.

Target Bathing Suit Roundup

The 12 cutest swimsuits on Target.com

Bathing Suit-Buying Pro Tips

Shop Online:
Go into a Target store and you are going to underwhelmed by their bathing suit offerings. It’s picked over and the styles that are available just aren’t that great (i.e. why they weren’t picked over too). It’s a whole other world when you jump online, however. There’s more selection, more styles, more colors. It’s a treasure trove of cuteness.
Buy Early:
To take advantage of the great prices and styles available you need to be prepared to buy early. That means maybe before you’ve got your beach body thing all figured out, or while you are still a pasty shade of white that makes rice jealous. Just go for it-everything else will fall into place–and you will have saved money and time by buying early.

Suit Your Body

If you’d rather have a root canal than go bathing suit shopping, I feel you. Bathing suits are about as exposed as westerners get in public. For those of us with any kind of body hangup—it’s just not a pleasant experience. Knowing what bathing suit styles work best with your body, however, helps. For example:
  • If you want to conceal fullness in the tummy, try one of the peplum tankinis (#1 & 3). Tuck the straps into the top of the suit and really show off those shoulders!
  • For a fuller bust consider a sweetheart neckline which helps draw they eye down away from the chest (see One Piece #4 and Tankini #4). Molded cups (as shown on One Piece #1) are great as they give extra support and coverage.
  • If your stomach just isn’t as toned as you’d like it to be, but it isn’t where you carry your weight, consider a One Piece bathing suit with a cut out (see One Piece #2). You get coverage in the stomach area and the cut out helps draw the eye to the smallest part of your body. Super flattering.
  • If you’ve got hips (that you aren’t enthusiastic about) resist the urge to cover them up with boy shorts (I’ve yet to see a pair that doesn’t give camel toe) or some kind of skirt (which will make you like like a 90 year old). I think the best way to “hide” your hips is to direct the eye to a different place. You can do that with a suit that has a really interesting neckline (see One Piece #3) or by highlighting your hip to waist ratio with a bikini.

Ok…happy bathing suit shopping babes!

I have a pair of jeans that I haven’t fit me since I got pregnant with my daughter (#thankspregnancyaddictions: cheezit crackers and butter in case you are interested). I’ve stubbornly held on to these jeans thinking that “one day” I would wear them again. I try to follow the “if you haven’t worn it in six months, toss it” rule, but I just can’t quite throw this pair in the goodwill pile. They were, after-all, the most expensive jeans I’ve ever bought, that has to be worth some  real estate in my bottom drawer. Right?

Ribbon Dreams

Well Im really glad that I hung on to my too skinny skinny jeans because I was able to use them in a most lovely remake. Recently while shopping for some supplies at a local craft store, I saw some ribbon which gave me an idea. Now I am the proud owner of some Ribbon Tuxedo Jeans. Check them out!!


So I call this a DIY project because I managed to pick the seams out of the jeans myself. I took the unpicked jeans to a local tailor (I’m not much of a sewer) who put it all together for me for a cool $38 bucks.  She used clear thread to sew the ribbon directly on to the jeans. I’m sure anyone with a modicum of sewing ability could pull this off.

Where to get supplies

I wanted to share a few online resources for AMAZING ribbon, just in case you don’t have a great craft store in your area. Looking at all these options makes me wonder how many ribbon tuxedo jeans a girl can have? (10?)

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8




I have a thing for coats and I’m always on the lookout for new ones to add to my collection. Recently colorful fur (hopefully faux) coats have been catching my eye. I noticed a preponderance of them while looking at street style photos from the Fall 2017 fashion shows. They are all over the place. Here are some of my favorites*:

Colorful Faux Fur

Colorful Faux Fur Coats: Street Style Edition

Sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Happy Coats

I giggled as I put the above image together. The ladies, all together on the page, do look a bit like the cast of the Muppets. For some of you the possibility of looking like a Muppet will be an immediate turn off, for me, however, it’s a bonus. Just like the Muppets these jackets are loud, proud and unabashedly HAPPY. If wearing a colorful fur coat will help channel that mentality, I am all over it. Especially during these dog days of winter (that might not be a phrase….)

Budget Buys

It’s my preference to spend as little as possible on “crazy”/”loud” clothing items because I only wear them a few times a year (let’s be honest I only have so many places to wear my crazy loud clothing). I don’t like to break the bank on items that aren’t in heavy rotation in my wardrobe. Luckily for me there are plenty of very affordable colorful faux fur options. My personal favorite: the yellow car coat (2). I GOTTA have that.

Colorful Faux Fur On a Budget

Six Affordable Colorful Faux Furs

Shopping Guide:
1. Red Faux Fur, $34
*not all the following images are from Fall 2017 fashion weeks.

My favorite kind of DIY is the kind I can do in under 15 minutes while watching something trashy on Bravo. If this sounds familiar, saddle up partner because I have a great little DIY for you today. A couple weeks ago I spotted this Kate Spade Pom Embellished Sweater while doing some shopping for a client. It’s been week but I can’t get this darn sweater out of my head. I want it but $250 for a sweater is out of my price range by a factor of 5. (#myhouseisamoneypit #dontbuyanoldhouse)

Glue and Go

Looking closely at this sweater, however, I realized I could get a similar look by glueing some pom pom’s to an ivory sweater I already owned. It doesn’t get easier folks.

Kate Spade Inspired DIY

No Sew DIY for a Kate Spade Inspired Pompom sweater.

Now if you are really picky and want the pom poms to stick to this sweater until the end of time, you might want to use a needle and thread instead of glue. I’m going to stick with glue because I don’t have an attention span for projects that exceed 15 minutes (which might explain why my house is never clean and I make 12 trips to the grocery store per week).

Styling Your Sweater

This sweater is also surprisingly versatile. When I started playing around with it I realized it is something that could work for a variety of seasons depending on how you style it. Here are a few of my favorite ideas.

pompom sweater

Four ways to style your DIY Kate Spade inspired pompom sweater

I’ve mentioned previously that I’m a big fan of online shopping. For the person looking for unique stuff at affordable prices the web is goldmine. My new favorite place for treasure hunting is an online boutique called “Storets.”

Affordable Fashion

Per their website: “Storets was born from a desire to offer trendy, stylish, high quality fashion that doesn’t break your wallet.” They aren’t kidding. Shirts will set you back ~ $50, dresses are ~$80. Best of all they offer free WORLDWIDE shipping on orders of $75 or more.

Here are a few of my favorite shirts on the Storets website right now. Aren’t they cute?

Shop Storets

Online retailer Storets offers trendy clothes at prices you can afford

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Online Retailer Sizing Tips

Knowing your measurements–waist, bust, hips, inseam etc– will help you make the best sizing choices. Every brand sizes things a little differently, so it always a good idea to consult their sizing charts (which provide measurements of the garments) in making your decision.

Many companies allow shoppers to post reviews of the clothing and upload photos of themselves in the clothing. These reviews are invaluable as they provide a lot of insight on garment specifics–if it runs small, large, long, short, needs a slip, has a quality issue.

So spend a little time online shopping and SAVE a lot of money.