Kate Spade Inspired DIY Pompom Sweater

My favorite kind of DIY is the kind I can do in under 15 minutes while watching something trashy on Bravo. If this sounds familiar, saddle up partner because I have a great little DIY for you today. A couple weeks ago I spotted this Kate Spade Pom Embellished Sweater while doing some shopping for a client. It’s been week but I can’t get this darn sweater out of my head. I want it but $250 for a sweater is out of my price range by a factor of 5. (#myhouseisamoneypit #dontbuyanoldhouse)

Glue and Go

Looking closely at this sweater, however, I realized I could get a similar look by glueing some pom pom’s to an ivory sweater I already owned. It doesn’t get easier folks.

Kate Spade Inspired DIY

No Sew DIY for a Kate Spade Inspired Pompom sweater.

Now if you are really picky and want the pom poms to stick to this sweater until the end of time, you might want to use a needle and thread instead of glue. I’m going to stick with glue because I don’t have an attention span for projects that exceed 15 minutes (which might explain why my house is never clean and I make 12 trips to the grocery store per week).

Styling Your Sweater

This sweater is also surprisingly versatile. When I started playing around with it I realized it is something that could work for a variety of seasons depending on how you style it. Here are a few of my favorite ideas.

pompom sweater

Four ways to style your DIY Kate Spade inspired pompom sweater



  1. Louise Plummer March 3, 2017 / 4:44 pm

    Mercedes, this is such a fabulous blog. I’m thinking of making a jacket covered in those pom poms.
    You make me so happy.

  2. Catherine April 20, 2017 / 12:18 am

    fun diy- also a cute idea if you have a small stain that matches the pompom placement.

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